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Whimi team

Whimi’s team of designers is continuously looking for latest trends and innovations, always attentive to customers’ preferences and needs, with the aim to provide best products for a safer future.


What commodity products can make people feel environmental friendly and fashionable?

Under the trigger of this, we developed mask products. We have great designers to create fashion graphics to meet with the latest trends and highly responsible stuff to source great quality fabrics and accessories. So we created the brand Whimi, meaning that even one micron (“μm”) is the essence, “μm” in length unit, is the same pronunciation in Chinese as “wei mi”, also the same pronunciation in English as “Whimi”. Our masks are with strong breathability, soft and smooth feel, and good skin feel, good function of moisture absorption and perspiration, which are highly praised by customers, “like walking in the nature”.

We have been making perfection more perfect and aim to help our customers equip with fashion style, to have more health and freedom and desire for a comfortable life.

Our Stories

I’m allergic to most tree pollen.

Whimi is the only ltration mask that works for me!”

Tommy S.

“I often travel, I like to visit new places and And out how the world is facing climate change. With Whimi I am free to fly where I want safely!”

Elena M.

“I have asthma and I live in a metropoly. I walk to work every day. The Whimi mask provides me with the right protection and I can live quietly in the city.”

Hanna L.